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1958 Rolex 5508 ‘no crown guard’ in great condition


“James Bond’ Submariner. Very sharp case, service dial and hands



Oude Rolex Submariner 5508. Dit horloge is verkocht. Wilt u een submariner horloge verkopen ? neem contact met ons op


5508 Submariner watch from 1958′ in outstanding condition. The bevel edges are very sharp, dial, hands and crystal have been replaced at a previous rolex service which makes this the most ‘mint’ looking submariner from the 50’s available. Of course we all would love to see such watch with the original ‘radium’ gilt dial but instead this piece is better for the health and looks just like in 1958!


  • sharp case and bevel edges
  • 1530 movement (butterfly)
  • 7206 rivited bracelet from 1968
  • caseback dating 1958′


Price upon request.

For more information about this rare 5508 rolex watch send us an email or call!

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