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Breguet Type 20 / XX Vintage Pilots ‘flyback’ chronograph from 1976


Breguet Type xx / type 20 flyback vintage
  • Beautiful condition
  • fully serviced
  • flyback chronograph
  • with extract of the archive
  • 1 year guarantee


Breguet Type 20 ‘Flyback’ chronograph

Breguet Type 20 / Type xx chronograph from 1976. This pilot chronograph is very rare and part of the rich history of Breguet. The company is well know for their high-end complicated watches, what many people don’t know is the history of Breguet as an aircraft company. The aviation history of Breguet goes back more then 100 years. They supplied aviation watches to the military, airforce companies and civilian.

This particular Breguet type 20 has been designed for the French Air Force. Because the production cost of the watches was very expensive the French airforce decided to buy more affordable watches like the ‘dodane type 20’. The Breguet company sold the relatively small amount of Flyback watches through their to private companies,  aerovale schools and foreign airforces. Because this model didn’t make it through the French airforce its often called the ‘civilian’ type 20.

An identical example of this ‘Second Generation’ Breguet type 20 is on display at the Breguet Museum in Paris. It’s definitely worth to visit the boutique and museum at the Place Vêndome in Paris. Mr. Emmanuel Breguet who currently is the museum director has been very helpful to get more information about the history of this specific timepiece. The watch comes with an official extract of the Archives, it has been originally sold at 14 march 1976

A visit to the museum of Breguet has been documented by Hodinkee. Read this very interesting article here.

extract of the archive

breguet type xx

Breguet Type 20 ‘Flyback’ chronograph
  • 2 register flyback
  • year 1976
  • rare ‘civilian’ model
  • original condition
  • fully serviced
  • with Extract of the Archives



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