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Guinand 361 Vintage Chronograph from the 1970’s


Very rare Guinand chronograph. The brand Guinand is known as the supplier for Helmut Sinn for many years. This early Guinand chronograph with original Black dial is very rare.

Rare Ref 361 Chronograph



Very rare Guinand Chronograph with the reference 361. This is the predecessor of the later Sinn 101 and Sinn 102. Actually Guinand was the supplier of Helmut Sinn in general.

This model is very rare and has not been mentioned in the Guinand 1960’s brochure. It has a uncommon but beautifully shaped Pilot case which looks very similar to Breguet and Arsa Pilot cases. An email from Guinand is confirming the watch to be very rare.

The watch condition is very good and it has a black dial made by the Singer firm. The case is made of steel and has a screw back case. The rotating bezel remain it’s original tritium dot.

We supply the watch on a leather strap but on request with an original vintage NSA bracelet.

for more information about this early Pilot chronograph watch contact us now. We ship worldwide and also trade in your vintage watch. For more information about the brand Guinand and the 361 chronograph model check the following link to the official Guinand website

Guinand 361 chronograph

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