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Heuer 3646 First execution Autavia Chronograph from 1962


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Very rare and attractive Heuer 3646 Autavia. This is actually the first execution of the famous sports chronograph made in 1962. The watch features all radium hands and has a beautiful vintage overal appearance.

It has a rotating bezel with radium triangle marker at 12′ o clock. This is the most collectible example of the Heuer autavia, because of the rarity but most of all because of the astonishing looks. With the big eyes subdials, faded bezel and rough case it has a very beautiful vintage look while the dial is still in well preserved condition as well as the movement which is running great and has been carefully checked by our watchmakers.

The watch has been produced in 1962, it has a 4.880x serial number. Most often the serial and reference number are worn out the case because the etching is very light and (rubber) straps made them disappear over the years. At the present example the numbers are still readable with a magnifier and strong lighting.

We sell the watch with 6 months guarantee on the mechanical parts. Seeing the age and rarity of the watch we advise not to wear the watch in humid environments and avoid sport activities.

This Heuer chronograph has been sold. Let us know when you are looking to sell your vintage here watch.


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