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Rolex 116518 Daytona Yellow Gold First Series P1Xxxxx from 2000

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Rolex daytona 116518 porcelain dial P1xxxx series

Very Rare Rolex Daytona 116518 in Yellow Gold

This is the first series of the Daytona with the in-house 4130 caliber made by Rolex. The watch remains in perfect condition and has some very special features.

First of all, this watch belongs to the P-series. The P-series was the first series of the Daytona with an in-house movement made by Rolex. During the production of the P-series, there was an overlap between Zenith models with the 4030 caliber and the newer 116518 with the in-house 4130 Rolex caliber. This particular model has a P1xxxxx serial number, which makes it one of the very first produced examples of the rolex daytona with an in-house movement

What makes this Daytona even rarer is the fact it has a dial which has not been seen on other models so far. The Daytona writing is smaller and more pinkish than red. Furthermore, there are some minor differences in the Swiss made signature below the dial and the enamel kind of finishing. Overall, the graphics of this particular dial seem to have been adapted from the earlier Zenith models. In fact, this dial probably has been produced only for a very limited period of time, as other P-series we find around don’t have this particular dial. The white face of the dial has a beautiful gloss finish and the Daytona writing has a mirroring effect on the lacquer, as seen in the macro pictures of the Daytona logo.

As mentioned before, the P-series Daytona models were the first featuring the 4130 in-house caliber. Before, Rolex used calibers from Zenith and Valjoux for their chronograph watches. What’s super interesting about this particular Daytona is the number of the movement. The movement number is C0000885, which means this is one of the very first 1000 in-house produced chronograph calibers by Rolex.

rolex 4130 caliber

Considering there have been
more than a million of those movements produced so far, having one of the very first 1000 is extremely rare.

Altogether, this is a true collectible and rare Rolex Daytona which will be loved by any connoisseur. Still, we can offer the watch for a very competitive price. We ask a little premium for the dial and its early serial number, but it is still much more affordable than the new Daytona at the Rolex dealer. Furthermore, the condition of the watch is immaculate. The watch has been minimally worn and the case remains in very good shape. It shows minor scratches, but nothing mentionable. Also, the caseback sticker is still present, which makes this a mint Rolex Daytona 116518. Unfortunately, the watch comes with the original guarantee papers, booklets and rolex box.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information or details about this Rolex Daytona. We are happy to share more photographs or details on request. We ship worldwide and also in Europe.


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