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1967 Rolex Submariner 5513 meter first ‘matte dial’


Original condition, from 1967 !



1967 Rolex 5513 meter first ‘submariner’  in great condition. This example is from 1967 and is also called the ‘meters first’ submariner because of the depth writing which start with the meters indication!https://vintagetimes.nl/wp-admin/post.php?post=2218&action=trash&_wpnonce=ee35d2b664

The matte dial has a great patina which has a little tropical effect in sunlight. The dial shows some signs of wear just as the whole watch. A true daily beater in original condition! The watch is fitted with a sea dweller crystal by the previous owner, service crystal is also available and comes together with the watch

The original 9315 folded bracelet is in wearable condition but the clasp has some damage, as we like to keep our watches as original as possible we did not change it. For a daily wearer we advise to change the clasp for safety. The bracelet is a ‘rare’ piece where the wordt ‘patented’ in the diver extension is spelled wrong, at this bracelet it is spelled as ‘Pateted’.  This only appears on very few rolex bracelets from en 60’s and begin 70’s

The watch comes with its original box and booklet. This rolex 5513 meter first still has its original twin-lock crown which is very rare these days. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us


Rolex 5513 Meter First:

  • Rolex 5513 meter first
  • case back stamped 67′
  • original 9315 folded bracelet, clasp code 71′
  • ‘pateted’ diver extension
  • twin-lock crown and tube
  • original box
  • unrestored dial
  • nice patina hands with dark tritium


its very hard to find rolex  5513 meters first submariner in this original condition these days. For high definition pictures please get in contact!

For more information about this great Rolex 5513 meters first submariner from the 1960’s please send us an email or call!

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