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Rolex ref 1500 ‘Brick Style’ bracelet in Yellow Gold




Rolex Ref 1500

The Rolex we offer for sale here is a 34mm Oyster Perpetual date Ref 1500 in 18ct gold. The watch has a beautiful gold sigma dial with tritium hands. The Rolex 1500 series has always been popular for men with smaller wrists and todays women are also wearing these watches.

Rolex Brick Bracelet

Most gold Rolex watches around have the well known Jubilee bracelet or Oyster bracelet. On request there where other bracelet styles for sale. This early ‘Brick Style’ bracelet is featured in 9ct gold and the condition is like new. The bracelet has been attached to the watch at a later time. You could also say the watch has been added to the bracelet later as the age of the bracelet is older then the actual watch. Despite the fact the alloy of the gold from watch and bracelets is not the same Carat, they match very well and there is no visible color difference. These brick style bracelets are unique and hard to find. Any of course we are also selling the watch with a leather strap on request.

For more information about this early and unique vintage Rolex combination contact us now!




Rolex ref 1500 ‘Brick Style’ bracelet
  • Ref 1500 18k gold
  • 9k gold ‘brick style’ bracelet
  • 34mm case size
  • automatic 1570 movement
  • gold sigma dial
  • 1 year guarantee