Sell your old Movado vintage wristwatch from the 1950’s and 1960’s online

We are looking to buy Vintage Movado wristwatches from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The Movado company made beautiful wristwatches and we are looking to find the best examples out of the market for our collection of vintage watches. You can offer any Movado wristwatch as long as it’s no modern example, we are only looking for example prior 1970.

There are many Movado wristwatches our company want to buy, we will explain some models which are of our interest, condition of the dial and watch case is important, although we like when watches are running we also buy watches with mechanical issues as long as the dial condition looks good enough.


Which movado watches are we buying ? How much worth has my old movado?

We are currently looking for the following Movado wristwatches. Let us know when you have one to sell or when you want to know the value of your vintage Movado wristwatch


Movado m90 chronograph

Movado M95 ‘subsea’

Movado Calendar moonphase

Steel movado watches with breguet dial

gold movado watches in rose or yellow

movado 565 ‘Calatrava’ manual wound

Movado tempomatic 35mm steel


Whats the Value of my vintage movado

To understand the value of your vintage movado there are several things important. First of all the size of the watch, watches above 35mm are considered to be more collectible today, nevertheless a smaller attractive watch in very good condition could be interesting too. The key of every vintage watch is condition where the dial, case and hands are parts which are irreplaceable.


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Movado Vintage watches by Vintage Times

In this article we want to highlight some very interesting watches made by movado. The company has made various watches from quarts museum watches till high end M90 / M95 chronograph timepieces. Our company is always looking for interesting vintage Movado timepieces. If you have an interesting piece for sale please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Movado watches


Movado watches from the 1950’s and 1960’s are high end quality timepieces. Some of them have very interesting watch cases made by Francois Borgel / Tauber & Fills. Chronograph watches are featured with the inhouse m90 and m95 caliber.

movado movement m95

Movado Company

The Movado company has made lot’s of watch models and some of them are very interesting. The quality of the high-end line from the early days is outstanding and the design of the watches is a lust for the eye. Some vintage Movado watches may look very similar with Patek Philippe watches because the brand used similar style watch cases made by the same case supplier as Patek.


FB case

The cases from  casemaker Francois Borgel are known for their waterproof designs with screwback case design. Also dials are known to be acquired from the Stern company who was supplier for Patek Philippe, Rolex and other brands as well. Dials with the beautiful shaped numerals (often in blue) are very sought after by collectors. The Movado Breguet dial’s are maybe the most sought after dials.


fb caseback
Patek Philippe and Movado caseback both made by the same Firm
Movado Breguet Dial

The most interesting Movado watches are the examples with Movado Breguet dial’s as shown below (left watch). Movado chronograph watches with other  dials could be very interesting as well, the condition and size of the watch are very important aspects. Case sizes from 35mm and bigger are considered the most interesting. The classic men size back in the 40’s and 50’s was around 33mm so it may be hard to find a 35mm or bigger piece.


Buying and Selling Movado watches

When buying a Movado watch it could be very difficult to find one in full original and good condition. Also there are a lot of Movado watches which are to small for wearing these days, think about 30mm cases or smaller.

When buying a Movado watch we can only suggest to go for quality. It may be hard to find but a mint condition Movado is much more interesting then a restored or damaged example

Contact us when you want more information about vintage Movado watches or when you need advise buying one. Also we are very interested to buy unique and rare Movado chronograph pieces so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Movido Breguet Borgel



movado gold chronograph


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