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Gübelin Ipso-Matic 37mm yellow gold wristwatch 1950’s


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Gubelin 18k yellow gold wristwatch

Up for sale is this beautiful and well preserved Gübelin watch from the 1950’s. The watch condition is marvelous and with it’s 37mm case size an impressive watch. It has a beautifully styled watch case, the case has well shaped lugs and from all sides it looks gorgeous.

Im a big fan of Gübelin watches myself, the company originally founded in Luzern (Swiss) has many boutiques in Switzerland now. The company sells luxury watches from brands as Patek Philippe, some Patek Philippe watches even bear the dealer name on their dials. The Gübelin watchmakers from the 1950’s era are very well known with Patek Philippe, obviously this left its marks on the precious collection of gold Gübelin branded watches from the 1950’s.

We have a few Gübelin watches in stock and sold some in the past, however this is the first time we can offer a 37mm example which is very large for that time. It’s a beautiful Calatrava wrist watch with an outstanding dial, its preserved in mint condition too.

The movement running inside this Gübelin Ipso-Matic is a high-end finished Felsa movement. The movement  has been taken apart by the Gubelin workshop and is running precisely on time. The whole movement and automatic rotor are finished with Côtes de Geneve finishing (Geneva stripes).