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Rolex 1005 Underline two tone vintage watch from 1963


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Rolex ref 1005 ‘underline’ 34mm from 1963


Rolex date ref 1500 from 1963. The watch remains in good condition and is running perfectly on time. This is a rare variant of the 1005 reference with a so called ‘underline’ dial.

The underline mentions the period when Rolex changed from using radium as application for their dial and hands with tritium.

As radium was known to be radioactive in the early 1960’s rolex decided to stop delivering watches with radium dial and hands. These underline dials are known from the period 1962 and 1963 only, after Rolex signed their tritium dials with the ‘t swiss t’ signature in stead of the ‘swiss’ signature

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