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Rolex 34mm Rose Gold ‘Calatrava’ French case circa 1940



Rolex 34mm rose gold Calatrava mens watch ‘French case’


Very rare and early Rolex wristwatch in pink gold. This is a Rolex wristwatch you would seldom see as it has been made for the French market only. It has a beautiful three body calatrava watch case made of solid 18k pink gold.

Not much is know about these very early Rolex watches with a so called ‘French case’. The case has been produced in France under license of Rolex during a period when importing gold cased watches from Swiss to france was impossible, movements where distributed from Rolex swiss to france where special cases where made under contract of Rolex, this has
only been for a short period of time during ww2.

As a collector of rolex watches i have only come through a very few French cased Rolex watches, none of them had this unique 34mm calatrava style case. The quality of the watch is outstanding, it has a very massive and solid case, a polished bezel and a beautiful faceted crystal.

The application of the luminous material on the dial is radium and untouched, the blued steel hands have probably been relumed in the past as they glow up when exposed to sunlight. Furthermore the dial is signed Swiss Made as well as Fab. Suisse which is very common for Rolex watches sold in france. The serial number of the watch is 7022, they must have been made in a very small batch as other watches with the same unique case bear serial number 7017 and 7033.

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