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Rolex 1803 day-date President vintage from the 1970’s


vintage Rolex day date president wristwatch in good condition

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Rolex 1803 Day-Date


Rolex 1803 vintage day date on president bracelet with concealed clasp. The rolex day date is a very popular watch and has always been one of the most iconic rolex watches in gold.

The rolex daydate is often called the rolex ‘president watch’ due to the fact that many world leaders have worn this watch, also sportman, industrial gigants and mobsters are often associated with the Rolex day-date.

This example of the Rolex 1803 dates back to the 1970’s and has been preserved in good condition. The watch case is strong and has an unpolished bezel, the dial has all tiritum Lume plots and the president bracelet is in good shape too. It shows some signs of wearing and little stretch on the bracelet after 50 years, seeing the age we could consider the watch as a survivor of time.

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