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Rolex Submariner 5513 Meter First circa 1966


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Rolex Submariner 5513 No Date from 1966

rolex 5513 meter first

This Rolex submariner dates back to the mid 50’s where Rolex changed from gilt dial to matte dial examples. With its 1.47mil serial number this watch belongs to the earliest batch of Matte Dial Submariner watches. The luminous material on these early matte dials shows the same characteristics as the earlier gilt dials.

With these first batch matte dial 5513 wristwatches the caseback is interesting. Rolex signed their casebacks on sports models with the production year and quarter. This caseback is signed VI/66 (indicating the 6th quarter?) of 1966, a small error by Rolex as this should be the fourth quarter, IV/66. The casebacks with the VI/66 engraving are referred to as triple six casebooks, this should not be confused with the triple six sea dweller.

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