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Rolex 5513 Meters First ‘Tropical Dial’ from 1969


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Rolex 5513 Tropical dial

Rolex 5513 meters first with an amazing matte dial. The matte dial turned into a beautiful dark brown color, especially in daylight the watch is breathtaking while in shadow it looks almost like a regular matte dial submariner.



This might be the best 5513 Submariner with a matte dial around. This Meters First Rolex Submariner ref 5513 dates back to the end of the 1960’s. It has the most astonishing tropical brown dial.

Very few matte dials turn into beautiful chocolate brown dials. This example dates back to 1969 and remains in overall very good condition. It has an extremely sharp case and of course the most mesmerising is the perfectly well preserved brown dial. The dial turns from dark brown in the shadow to full chocolate brown in the sun.

Furthermore it has a beautiful matching Long 5 bezel which also shows a touch of brown, the only part changed at service is the inner clasp metal part from the bracelet.

Please get in touch if you need any more information or additional pictures from this extraordinary Rolex 5513.

The movement runs great and has been carefully checked with our watchmaker, on request we supply the watch with a full Rolex service.

Will be sold with 1 year guarantee

More information coming soon, contact us for any questions