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Rolex Flat Bubbleback ‘Flatback’ in Rolesium steel from the 1930’s



Rolex Precision ‘Flatback’ in Rolesium

A very beautiful gents Rolex dating back to the 1930’s. This manual wound 32mm Rolex Oyster Royal is often referred to as the flat bubbleback or ‘Flatback’ due to its flat caseback compared to the bubbleback models. Rolex made watches in steel, gold and platinum. Few models are known in Rolesium. The term Rolesium is used today by Rolex for their steel sports models with platinum bezel, back in the days Rolex registered the Rolesium trademark for platinum looking steel.


Case and movement

what is very interesting about this particular example besides its magnificent condition is the fact the caseback is stamped with a Geneva ‘key Hallmark’ referring to the maker of the case, this hallmark is usually only present at precious metal watches. Rolex experimented a lot with different metals and alloys for their watch cases, this specimen is a true piece of history with an interesting Rolesium case, the case actually does look platinum as it is more grey then steel, a very unique alloy.

Furthermore the movement of the watch remains in prestine condition.The finishing is from top level, from the case, movement till the dial, the finishing of all parts is from an extremely high level. This model was one of the first waterproof models by Rolex with a screw down crown and caseback.

rolex rolesium caseback patents


The condition of this Rolex ‘Flatback’ is extremely well preserved. The case is very strong as well as the caseback. All numbers are clearly visible and the crown is still as sharp as in the 1930’s. The dial of the watch dates back to the 1950’s and has beautifully applied gold numerals and gold leaf hands, it reads Rolex Oyster Royal referring to the high level finishing of the whole watch. The movement of the watch has been carefully checked with our watchmakers and remains in top condition. We sell this watch with 1 year full guarantee.


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