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Rolex Stella Dial ‘Oxblood Red’ Diamonds ref 1803 from the 1970’s

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Rolex Stella dial ‘Oxblood Red’ diamonds ref 1803

Rolex stella dial ref 1803 with the beautiful Oxblood Red colored dial with diamonds. The Rolex Stella dials are one of the most sought after examples in the market of vintage day-date watches due to their beautiful colors and the attraction of the laquered enamel. This is a mid 1970’s model of the 4 digit 1803 reference with a plexiglass crystal. The 4 digit reference day-dates with a Stella dial are very rare, especially with an un-cracked and full original dial. This example of the Rolex Stella Oxblood is fully original, has no cracks or dents and has the beautiful Diamond indices set in a white gold settings.


No Lume dial

This Rolex Oxblood Stella dial with diamonds is even more rare since it is a non lume example. Not so many non lume Stella dials have conquered the market so far, most likely because the non lume dials where most reserved for the Japanese market due to import restrictions on tritium and other nuclear products. The dial remains in perfect condition and shows no scratches or cracks, the color is mesmerizing in different kind of lights. The T Swiss T marking is there but varnished a little, the rest of the minute track and artwork is perfectly intact.


Rolex Oxblood stella dial

The Rolex Oxblood stella dials are nicknamed to their beautiful Bordeaux red kind of color. However not every Oxblood Stella dial looks the same, this particular example has a beautiful red hue and the tone is more into red spectrum then into brown. It is hard to capture it’s true beauty on pictures but we did our best, however don’t hesitate to contact us for any more pictures or daylight video’s.

The condition of the watch case remains very well preserved and minimally or not polished. The bracelet is very sharp as well and remains on full length. Of course the movement has been carefully checked with our watchmakers and this day-date comes with 1 year full guarantee.


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