Rolex 18046 Daydate president platinum from 1985

platinum rolex daydate 18046

Rare factory diamond set rolex in platinum from 1985


Extremely rare and precious Rolex daydate reference 18046. For sale soon full set in mint condition

The ref 18046 was introduced in the 1980’s and the most expensive Rolex watch in the catalog. The price of the 18046 day-date was around 40x the price of a Rolex 1675 gmt-master and 7 times the price of a regular day-date. You had to spend a little fortune in the 1980’s to acquire a diamond set platinum Rolex watch.

The condition of the watch is marvelous, it comes with the original box, papers and booklets. The watch remains unpolished and extremely sharp, it has only been worn by occasion. The reference 18046 is different from later models and has a slightly bigger/fatter case then the 18246 and 18346, the production run of the 18046 has been very short and only a small amount have been produced. This example has the most beautiful brow dial with nice aged creamy tritium on dial and hands.

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18046 full set