Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref 96 on Gübelin signed bracelet

patek 96 gobelin signed bracelet

Beautiful and rare Patek Ref 96 in Yellow Gold

An attractive Patek Philippe ref 96. This Patek Philippe dates back to the mid 40’s and is one of the first Calatrava wristwatches. It has been preserved in wonderful condition.


Gübelin signed mesh bracelet

The watch comes on a perfect Gübelin signed mesh bracelet, the combination of a Patek ref 96 on a perfect fitting gold bracelet is extremely rare. Gübelin is one of the oldest Patek Philippe dealers, the companies historie goes back till 1854.

read more about the history of the Gübelin company here.

Early examples of the Calatrava have a different signature. This example has a ‘Patek, Philippe & Co.’ signature. The dial condition is very good and shows minimal signs of aging.