Patek Philippe ref 96 ‘calatrava’ Pink Gold salmon dial

patek Philippe horloge

rare PP96 ‘Calatrava’ in 18k rosé gold for sale

Beautiful and rare Patek Philippe Calatrava. The Patek ref 96 is one of the most iconic dress watches by Patek Philippe, first introduced in the 1930’s, The Patek Philippe ref 96 has been made in steel, yellow gold and pink gold. The steel version of the early ‘calatrava’ may be the rarest of the three followed by Pink gold example which don’t pop up in the market that often. This early Patek 96 dates back to 1945 and is accompanied with an extract of the archive


patek Philippe ref 96


The condition of this example is fully original and the pink salmon dial is confirmed by the extract of the archive. Also its worth to mention that this example has the original dial from 1945 which has the old ‘Patek Philippe & Co’ signature’. Later models are signed Patek Philippe only and often the old dials have been replaced during service.


patek Philippe vintage


pp96 rose


patek 96


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