Perfect Rolex Explorer II ref 1655 ‘Orange Hand’ from 1978

explorer freccione

What strap to choose for a perfect Rolex 1655 Explorer 2 ?

rolex explorer II


Just in This beautiful Rolex Explorer ref 1655 aka ‘The Orange Hand’

Today I found this beautiful example of the Explorer II in perfect unpolished condition. It has the sought after MK2 dial with ‘Frog Logo’ and MK4 bezel. The tritium has turned into a beautiful cream yellow color. It’s a sporty watch on a steel oyster bracelet. The sporty look makes it possible to combine with all kinds of leather straps. I made some photographs today of the watch on different style leather straps, at the and I think the best option is the original steel oyster. 


1655 steel oyster
original steel oyster

rolex 1655 leather
Tobacco colored suede strap

explorer rally bracelet
dark grey rally strap












Rolex 1655 explorer ‘Steve McQueen’

The rolex 1655 is often referred to as the ‘Steve McQueen’ Rolex, the funny fact is mr McQueen never worn a Rolex Explorer II in public. Nobody really knows where this myth is coming from but one thing for sure, the ref 1655 explorer is an extremely cool watch just like Steve McQueen. The watch will be for soon in a while, for inquiries about this watch contact us by mail or use the contact form below.


  • Rolex Explorer II
  • Year 1978
  • Reference 1655
  • Movement 1570 caliber
  • plexi crystal
  • unpolished condition
  • mk2 Frog dial
  • mk4 bezel
  • 1 year guarantee

The condition of the watch is extremely good. It may be hard these days to find an original and unpolished Rolex vintage watch. The dial condition is 9/10 and the color of the patina on the dial and hands is even. Furthermore the original 78360 oyster bracelet shows minmal stretch and signs of wearing, the clasp and bezel have been replaced at earlier Rolex service.

Unfortunately the original guarantee is not with the watch anymore, we have the original box and are able to offer the watch for a very good price, with it’s 569.xxxx serial this is one of the last Explorer II watches produced with the beautiful Mk2 dial.


steve mcqueen rolex