Rolex ‘Oyster Perpetual’ reference 6565 with Red Depth

Rolex Red Depth

Rolex 6565 with Red Depth writing

For sale is this beautiful 18k solid gold Rolex watch. The watch is from 1955 and given to an employe of the Ford Motor Company in Belgium for being 25 years in service. In the 1950’s big company’s like Coca Cola and Ford ordered watches at Rolex Geneva with personalised casebacks.

What makes this example a real collectors watch is the dial. This rare ref 6565 has an unusual depth rating on the dial, the fact that it is written in red makes this a very rare and maybe ‘unique’ Rolex wristwatch. The red depth indication is known from early gmt master and explorer watches.


geelgouwen rolex


The dial also has unusual markers which are called ‘spaceship’ or ‘concorde’ markers by collectors. As the dial and hands of these early rolex wristwatches contain lots of ‘radium’ material the dial has been a very specific patina caused by the so called ‘radium burn’ from the watch hands.

The watch has been evaluated by rolex experts in 2014 with a collectors buying price at 10k+ euro.

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Rolex Red Depth writing

rolex reference 6565

18k yellow gold

red depth indicator

year 1955

concorde markers/index

automatic movement cal. 1030

34mm case

radium dial and hands

rolex horlogewinkel



longines en rolex



rolex patina



rare rolex vintage

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