Holy grail Heuer Autavia 3646 Big Eyes

heuer 3646 all Lum 1962

Very rare and attractive Heuer Autavia Chronograph from the first execution circa 1962. This early Autavia with reference 3646 has large ‘Big Eyes’ subdials, full radium hands and the original first execution bezel with a radium triangle marker at 12 o clock.

This first execution autavia watches are very rare and considered as the holy grail piece for collectors. Heuer has a rich history in the racing industry, the Autavia has always been very popular among race fanatics and professionals.

The watch remains in original vintage condition with a rough watch case which hasn’t been polished with us. The movement has been maintained very well with a smooth running chronograph. The dial is incredible and very well preserved for its age. Serial and ref number are visible with a loupe or magnifier. As the etching of these numbers is between the lugs most often the numbers are not visible at all.

We sell this beautiful and full original Heuer Autavia watch with 6 months guarantee on the mechanical parts. Because of the age and rarity of the watch it should be handled with care, therefore we advise to avoid humid places and sporty activities. Watches from this age are not guaranteed waterproof.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We can send more information, pictures and details on request. Our company is specialized in rare vintage watches and we are very proud to offer this Heuer autavia up for sale

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