Ulysse Nardin vintage wristwatch with FB Case

ulysse nardin chronograph vintage

Rare Ulysse Nardin ‘Taubert Case’ model from the 1950’s


Ulysse nardin valjoux 72


Ulysse Nardin chronograph

Today I write something about this little gem made by Ulysse Nardin. This chronograph watch has some features I really like and want to highlight in this article. Watches from the brand Ulysse Nardin are known for being made from the best quality available. This particular example has a very interesting watch case made by Francois Borgel we also supplied other high-end brands like Mido, Movado and Patek Philippe.


Francois Borgel case

The stainless steel case of this chronograph watch is very interesting and charming with it’s ‘turbine’ shaped pushers. When seeing these pushers a collector will directly think about the steel Patek 1463 chronograph also known as the ‘tasti tondi’. Both watches share a case made by the firm Francois Borgel. These early waterproof watch cases are recognized by the bearing a serial number between the lugs at 6 o’clock, a sunken octagonal caseback signed ‘FB Patent’ and the absolutely gorgeous crown and pushers.



ulysse tasti tondi



Valjoux 72 13” movement

this Ulysses Nardin has a three register dial layout. The movement used for this chronograph is a very early example of the Valjoux 72 series. It’s well finished and highly decorated by Ulysse Nardin. Also the movement features an unique serial number which Ulysse Nardin did with all their watch movements at that time. The movement is beautifully decorated with ‘Geneva Stripes’ and it running perfectly smooth.


valjoux 72 ulysse nardin



Technical details

Ulysse Nardin chronograph

Stainless Steel FB Patent case

Valjoux 72 movement

35mm diameter’

radium dial and hands

full original condition

original UN buckle


More detailed pictures from this wristwatch



This watch has been sold, let us know if you have a similar watch for sale or trade!

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