Vintage Heuer chronograph watches

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Vintage Heuer ‘chronograph’ watches

On this page we try to highlight some of the vintage Heuer watches we came across lately. We are always on the hunt for the rarest watches in best preserved condition. The Heuer company was a popular brand in the 1950’s till now. It’s founded by mr Ed Heuer, today the brand is know as ‘Tag Heuer’. The vintage watches which have our interest are only signed Heuer, the later Tag Heuer watches are not considered as vintage by the vintage watch community


The Heuer Autavia

one of our favorite Heuer watches is the Autavia, there are various models from the autavia with different dial layouts and case shape. Our favorite example is the early Heuer Autavia 2446 which is called the Nina Rindt model these days. Heuer has always been involved in the car race industry which is the main reason these vintage watches are often found in families with men who loved cars or where involved in the racing industry.


here a small list of the most collectible heuer autavia watches by ref number

  • Heuer 3646 autavia
  • Heuer 1163 Autavia aka Jo Siffert
  • Heuer 2446
  • Heuer 2446c chronograph (also a gmt version available)



The Heuer Carrera

Another famous and sought after vintage Heuer model is the Heuer Carrera. Also available with a 2 register or 3 register dial. The Heuer Carrera has a screw back case with pump pushers. There are lot’s of small differences on the Heuer Carrera watches available, there is much information online about the early Carrera watches, we do love the 2447 three register and ref 3647  two register the most of the available Carrera watches. Especially the early examples of course.

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The Heuer Monaco

more info coming soon