Rolex 1501 date ‘tropical dial’ from the 1960’s

rolex date gilt

Chocolate Tropical Rolex date wristwatch


rolex 1501 chocolate dial


Today I want to highlight this Rolex 1501 date. This may be the most beautiful Rolex date wristwatch I ever had. The ref 1501 is a 34mm oyster perpetual wristwatch with automatic movement. A very simple Rolex model with a date function. The 1501 reference has a charismatic engine turned bezel. What makes this particular one the best example on the market is the gilt dial dial which turned into a beautiful tropical brown color during the years. This only seems to happen with early 1960’s gilt dials and the chocolate brown hue on this particular example is just astonishing.


rolex 1501 chocolate


Tropical dials are very sought after by collectors. Most tropical dials are black lacquer gilt dials, the most attractive tropical dials are the pieces with the gloss layer intact. This gloss finishing on this rolex 1501 is still perfect glossy and shining, the dial could be considered 9 out of 10, it shows a few minor flaw at 8 o’clock and all tritium dots are intact


rolex gilt tropical dial


Specifications of the watch

Rolex ref 1501 Date

Automatic 1570 movement

Gilt tropical dial

34mm case size

year 1964



vintage rolex utrecht



gilt rolex 1501



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