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Movado M95 vintage chronograph ‘anti-slide’ pushers circa 1955



1950’s Movado chronograph with FB case and m95 movement

Beautiful Movado m95 chronograph from the 1950’s with a patinated greenish dial with radium indices and hands. The radium left her ‘signature’ on the dial during the years which created an amazing patina all over the dial but the watch case in stead remains unpolished and sharp, the anti-slide turbine pusher are sharp too and the movement is running great,


Anti-slide ‘turbine’ pushers

The anti-slide pushers are beautiful and known from the Patek 1463 chronograph. This beautiful shaped pushers are made by the firm Taubert or Borgel who produced watch cases for high-end brands like Movado, Ulysse Nardin and Patek Philippe. Read our blog post about borgel watch cases for more information on this subject.


movido chronograph duo

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